Imagery Speaks To All Of Us So Why Fight it?

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Here’s What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make You Look Like

Welcome to the Imagery Speaks blog. A blog concentrated on the value cosmetic dentistry brings to our society, and the benefits of getting involved with cosmetic dentistry. It’s interesting how many people I run into have so many excuses for for why they do not make the investment into their teeth, but are just as quick to plunk down thousands of dollars on gadgets instead.

I’m not sure how you feel about this, but when I speak to someone, i want to make sure I am showing them my best self at all times. I’m not a dentist, and never was, but being in sales for over twenty years, I can tell how valuable the work I have had done on my mouth has been to me, and my family. Just knowing I could open my mouth and talk for hours on end, without worry of losing the attention of my prospective clients to what was going on inside my mouth has been a blessing.

My personal experience included braces early on in life, followed by a dental implants in my adult life after getting punched in the mouth one drunk night. Yup, it was an unfortunate incident, but it happened nevertheless. I wish I could say I won that fight, but I barely remember it. What i do remember is the end result I saw staring back at me the next morning. The horror, shame, embarrassment, and everything else one feels when there is a missing tooth in your mouth is hard to explain.

The first thing that came to mind was how this was going to affect my performance at work. My livelihood depended on how well I was able to communicate with people I sat across the table with. With a tooth missing, it was going to be a nightmare. I set an appointment with a local cosmetic dentist who gave me several options. The first was implants, which I eventually had done, but because the wait-time on that procedure was so long, I decided to just go with a bridge, and crown.

The day I walked out of the dentists office I had my smile back. I looked almost the same, but because there was a little difference in the shading of the one tooth versus the rest, I eventually made the call to get an implant done a year later. Since I’m not a dentist I’m going to try to deliver the best layman’s information on the topic that I can. Hope you enjoy the information, and more importantly, decide to take action on it in the vent yo are ever in a position that causes you to consider getting involved. All the best!

Cosmetic Dentistry May Be All You Need

One of the issues we’ve noticed being raised in the cosmetic world is whether or not cosmetic dentistry should be considered cosmetic surgery. The reality is this is a nonsensical question – who are cares if it is, or if it isn’t? Here’s the real question – did it satisfy the person getting the actual surgery? And here’s an even stronger question – did this person decide to do any other forms of cosmetic surgery after having their teeth fixed?

See, what we have known in the dental world, for many years now, is this – your teeth make a huge impact on your overall appearance. So huge in fact, that people end up coming back, months later, with stories about how close friends had to do double takes to make sure they were looking at at their actual friend.

Cosmetic dentistry, when performed correctly, can have an incredible, positive effect on someone’s overall appearance. And the reason for the title, is becasue there are many people who walk into a dentist’s office with their teeth being the first item on their cosmetic checklist they’re excited about crossing off. However, once the procedure is over, and they are happy with the results, many of our dental colleagues agreeing to the idea that many of these people do not continue on with their goal of having so much cosmetic work done on their bodies. Which then led us to come up with our own pseudo-science, based on nothing but anecdotal evidence, that people, if they’re happy with their teeth, may think twice about going for more cosmetic surgery.

This is not to say that people still didn’t go out, at some point, and have those procedures done, but many of the dentists, who had patients that shared their desire of having a complete makeover, found most, if not all, of their patients looked about “the same,” each time they came back for a cleaning. In essence, they never got the work done. Now, of course, this could be for a whole host of reasons, and we’ll never know what they were, but it’s safe to ask, if you’re thinking of going down the cosmetic path, why not start with your teeth?

If you like what you see, there’s a good chance you may not need to continue down the rabbit hole. And if you do, it will just enhance what you already have. Just a little something for you to consider is all.


Sedation Is For Adults People – Not Children

You may, or may not, be aware of this growing concern about the practice of sedating children for dentistry – especially when you consider that several deaths have been linked to this practice. Let’s be real clear, there was NO sedation dentistry when I was a child. So how did we deal with dentistry at that time? Like everybody else – you sat in the dentist’s chair and were horrified as the dentist drilled in your mouth.

It’s one of the reasons why millions of adults stay away from the dentist. They were traumatized as children. But here’s the thing – there are also many more millions of adults who visit the dentist regularly; and they also went through the same experiences.

Children are still growing, and developing; their little bodies shouldn’t have to deal with all these chemicals running through them. Dentistry as a child, sucks. I get it, but in a few minutes its over, and you get a lollipop. Why are we deciding to sedate our kids to drill out, and fill, a cavity?

My mom talked to me for weeks, getting me mentally ready for the day I was going to sit in the dentist’s chair, my first go round. I remember being scared, and I remember howling when he began drilling, but it was over, and I got to go home, and play with my friends. Children today are drugged up so the dentist doesn’t have to hear them crying, or screaming, as they work – and parents are fine with this!!

Dentists need to be made accountable for their decisions, but the parents . . . who are these jokers? As a parent of three children, I can tell you I would never agree to put my child under for anything other than life-saving surgery. Why do it for something that is as far from life-threatening as can be? Here’s the thing, several kids have lost their ability to walk, and talk, after being sedated at local dentist offices.

In fact, if you think I’m exaggerating, you can check out a report from Megan Kelly at, titled, “Children at Risk? Kids and Sedation at the Dentist’s Office.” It’s too heart-breaking for me to link to it, but it’s easier enough to find if you’re truly interested.

Stop this unnecessary practice. This doesn’t need to be made into a law – people just need to start using a little more common sense is all.


Implant Dentists Have Mastered The Art Of The Fake Tooth

If you considering implants but are unsure as to the long-term effect of using such a radical 719352e30131e6da_640procedure to replace your missing tooth, or teeth, let me put your mind at ease. Implants were new back in the early 80’s when they were first introduced to the market. That’s over 30 years of learning throughout the entire implant industry – and you are the recipient of all that experience.

If implants were new to the market today, I would tell you the same thing I tell all my friends, and family, who ask me what I think about an innovative practice being offered to the marketplace. I would say, “Wait until this procedure has been on the market for a few years before you decide to go get it.” Why would I say that? Well, it’s simple actually. The first few hundred thousand people getting this procedure done are, for all intents and purposes, guinea pigs.

That may sound harsh, but that’s the reality of the situation. So rather than becoming one of the unlucky few, of which there will be many, who run into issues unforeseen by optimistic innovators, you can sidestep that whole process and go straight to the front of the line. That is where dental implants are today.

In fact, if you’re still not sure – read this article posted on dentaleconomics about how to combat abutment problems. When I read this article I was blown away. These issues dentists run into have become so common, that dentists now have the time to share their techniques with each other online – how awesome is that?!

So if you are thinking about implants, then think no longer. Get on the horn with your local dental implant specialist, and set a schedule to go down and see him or her. Now if you happen to be in the Maryland/Virginia area of the country, then you will want to call 202-759-8572. This is the number to Tooth Implant Washington DC. This website connects with a network group that partners with specialists throughout the country, and focus on providing specialists with patients looking specifically for dental implants.

With offices in Pittsburgh, New York City, and Colorado Springs, they are slowly becoming a recognized authority in the implant space. If you type in Tooth Implant Washington DC into your favorite browser, you will be able to find their site. Then again, you can click the link above and go straight there. The implant dentists here a great choice to consider. Make the call and get scheduled today.

Are You Aware Of The Impact Cosmetic Dentistry is Having?

Cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry’s Huge Impact

Cosmetic dentistry is shaping up to be one of the modern-day miracle treatments dentists are able to provide. And because technology is moving by at such a rapid pace, the cost of providing these services are getting less and less with each year that passes. What was once something only the rich were able to afford, is now available to us all.

Traditional dentistry, the kind a general dentist provides his or her patients, is dentistry that focuses on the health of the gums and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is just that – dentistry that focuses on how your teeth appears to others. This is what people are willing to shell out money for.

This may seem a bit over the top, but I know of two women, who were barely making ends meet, pay for dental surgery so they could smile without being embarrassed. Normally, I would say that was moronic thing to do, but after learning about why they did it, I totally understood. They were receptionists, who were both let go from the same company, at the same time. This was a little after the events of September 11th, and many companies began to fold, months after the event had occurred. They got the surgery so they could position themselves better for the jobs they really wanted.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of landing a job, and it’s a job that requires you to smile all day long, then making sure you look good would make the most sense – and that’s what they did, and that’s what other professionals are doing as well. Professional speakers, who make their living speaking in front of large crowds, are making sure they look as good as they can.

If you are considering having cosmetic work done on your teeth, then it has never been a better time to get involved with the process than it is today. If you are in the market to replace missing teeth, and are in New York City, and Pittsburgh, you may want to give the folks at Tooth Implant Colorado Springs a call. They just opened up a new location in Colorado Springs, and are looking to take on new patients now. Call 719-299-3564 or visit Tooth Implant Colorado Springs today.

Pittsburgh Is Now Ready For Pearly Whites

City Of Pittsburgh
Tooth Implant Pittsburgh Is Open For Business

The Tooth Implant Pros, a network of cosmetic dentists with a focus on implants, is growing at an incredible rate. With several locations already in New York City, the network is expanding their reach into other cities as well. This week they are opening up shop in Pittsburgh, the land of the mighty steel curtain defense; for those of you with a football background.

How you look, and how you feel about how you look, plays a huge part in how you handle yourself, and others; in all facets of your life. There have been many cases where a change in a person’s appearance, due to cosmetic surgery, has had a major affect on their overall personality. People who were once “mean,” turn “nice” almost overnight. This is not hyperbole, this is fact. It wasn’t that they weren’t capable of being nice before, it’s just that they had nothing to feel good about – so why be nice?

Implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. If you have ever had a missing tooth, and I wish you never do, you will understand why I say dental implants are nothing short of a miracle. Having the ability to smile, without any hesitation, and feel proud of the smile you present to your audience, provides a sense of self-confidence most people take for granted. Once you have implants places, and you are able to present that beautiful smile again, it’s something you never take for granted for the rest of your life.

There are several steps involved with having an implant procedure done, and it really makes sense to get a full understanding before you decide to have one done. To learn more about the process, and plans they have available, call 412-620-6076. You can also type Tooth Implant Pittsburgh into the search engine of your choice, or visit their site directly at to visit their site.


Brooklyn’s New Rise Brings In More Chances For Cosmetic Dentists

Brooklyn NY has changed something fierce over the last twenty years. When I first walked the streets of Brooklyn, back in 1992, it looked like a scene straight out of a bad movie about gangs in ghettos.

There were crackheads still lingering, even though crack had started to slow down. There were junkies all over the place, leaning here and there, even though Heroin had seen it’s heyday in the 70’s. There were projects everywhere, and everybody was fighting for their little bit of turf. In short, drugs ruled the Brooklyn landscape, and you had to be careful where you walked, and who you walked with, or you could end up shot, robbed, stabbed; or possibly killed.

Today as I walk down the same streets I breathe a sigh of relief. Yes, many of the projects are still there, but they are now surrounded by condominiums that fetch huge amounts of dollars per year; from people who are making extraordinary amounts of money. Brooklyn has now had a face lift, and that face lift is bringing in more revenue for everyone with a financial stake in what happens in Brooklyn these days.

One group that is being positively affected by this change are cosmetic dentists. Since “money” has made it’s way to their corner of their world, they are now seeing more patients who can afford their top-of-the-line cosmetic services.

The service that seems to be getting a lot of attention, besides the all-time favorite of teeth whitening, are dental implants. Implants have become the best way to deal with missing teeth. They provide the most benefits, with the fewest drawbacks, and are getting better with each year that passes.

There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry that are being performed in Brooklyn these days, however if you are in the market for affordable dental implants in Brooklyn, then you may just want to check out the network group, Tooth Implant Brooklyn.

I am curious to see what this famous borough of New York City will look like in the next twenty years. The way it’s going, it has the potential to become a second version of Manhattan; and that would be something great to behold.