1 BHK Apartment in Kolkata, CEE BEE Design Studio Vintage Home Renovation

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This project is a renovation project. Though a small apartment it had so much character that we absolutely loved working on this one. Specifically sine we got to …


38 thoughts on “1 BHK Apartment in Kolkata, CEE BEE Design Studio Vintage Home Renovation

  1. Hi mam I liked one of your design in your previous vedio I commented it plz see that comment for your notice I am commenting in all your vedios the one I liked is Kolkata 2bhk flat very classy I want my home to be done same plz plz

  2. A very pretty house, but so much dark there — it was actually depressing.
    After your speech on what and how you renovated I was so let down when I saw all of the dark colors, (like the kitchen cabinets). Dark furniture, dark dark. Can't you two see how it felt to see the bright bathroom? THAT room was so cheery and bright! Happy! That is what you should have done to this home, not add more gloom.. -Seena !

  3. Horrible! The dark colour wardrobe is such a NONo! If made the room so small!!! And that bedding is too matchy matchy with the curtains. Because if the dark cupbord the room looks suffocating

  4. Wow 😲.. once more you’ve done it Cee Bee .. I love this 1bhk work done and the efforts taken to restore most of old furniture plus the knobs are always a highlight in all your videos makeovers … just loved this house .. great job you have done it again … love cee bee so much and love its work and dedication. You guys are all amazing!

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