10 Things You Should Never Buy (Home Decor)

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My top 10 things you should NEVER ever buy for your home. Take the style quiz http://bit.ly/2h55A2F Shop My Style: https://amzn.to/2Q9c9B0 Don’t agree …


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  1. She's just saying, "be original". You can find unique stuff at antique malls and thrift stores, or create your own art. Or save up and splurge on one original signature piece, than furnish your home around that piece.

  2. You know you can try your hand at creating your own paintings and artwork and get them framed. …it's ok to be ecclectic folks and go to the thrift shops to find hidden treasures.

  3. Look for consignment and thrift stores in the wealthiest neighborhoods. I found a custom Stonecreek office wall that is 12 ft wide and 9 ft high, lighted with printer pull out, hanging file racks, etc. all solid real wood for $800. Because the husband didn’t use a mousepad and made a small worn are on the center desk. I got a $6000 for $800 plus $100 delivery and bought a mouse pad to hide the mark!

  4. I firmly believe to live within your means and it shows thru your persona, you just have Peace. When visiting ppl I enjoy their hospitality, their tranquility, and our conversations, the rest is just “stuff”. Her ideas are useful, but I enjoy a clean home, great food and great friendship.

  5. I wish this video were longer because I can't take my eyes off of your curtains! I so agree with you about plastic!!!! Thank you for speaking up! Shhh, I do have the cheap c table though. Ha. Ha!

  6. I like many of your suggestions but you need to realize that there ppl who can not afford your extravagant taste. It would be far more worthwhile to help those who want attractive homes at less cost. Too bad I guess for you that doesn’t matter!!!

  7. Thank you for the awesome tips! I will be designing my place from head to toe soon and needs all the tips I can get.. Even better receiving tips from a professional designer. Other than offer up,craigslist, or other used merchandise sites.. Do you have any recommendations as to where I can but good quality items at a good price?

  8. Before you start telling people they should do this or shouldn't do that, take a look at the mess behind you.. Those Awful curtains… really???? and that pink blob on the wall? You should realise that some people prefer the uniformed look of their furniture…That's their preference…

  9. This is a little ridiculous for people with pets and kids. I've got one cat that eats anything wool, all of them will make lunch out of real plants, and long curtains are just fur magnets. All three of items (wool rugs, real plants and long curtains) have been costly decorating mistakes I have made. One really has to consider lifestyle. If you can't maintain things (or are stressed-out over affording them) they do not work with your lifestyle.

  10. Good stuff (and to whoever doesn't like "the pink thing on your wall" – grow up. It's s SET that works as a background for her skin tone & lighting!)

  11. I agree about the not wasting money on a piece of furniture you don't LOVE , it's very good advice.. I say just do without or buy something cheap at a garage sale or thrift shop till it comes along. I have to politely disagree about the fake plants tho. I take mine out and hose them off outside regularly for dust & honestly nowadays fake plants are very realistic imo … I get how a gardener (like my mom) wouldn't want them but for those of us with a brown thumb, it adds the look we want without the maintenance of something that's not our choice of hobby.

  12. I happen to be allergic to wool so no real wool rugs for me. I found a beautiful taupe, navy and burgundy rug at Walmart that has lasted for years. It cleans easily with my Bissel carpet cleaner. I have to pass on real plants also. I don't like the little bugs that these plants attracts but I'm allergic to the mold that grows along with the plants (and whatever else that grows in the soil) I always go with the best quality artificial plants that I can find and most people think they are real.

  13. It is all opinion. That is what all public forums are, though. Let me give you some of my tips:

    Never buy anything with fringe. It gets messy and is a nightmare

    Never buy anything black. You see every little piece of dust and dirt.

    Don’t have animals in the house. Hair! Odors. Vomit. Scratches on your floor. It goes on.

    Let’s see. Too much clutter. Everything you buy that is decorative will have to be discarded by your loved ones and they won’t thank you for it.

    I have learned a lot by making all these mistakes.

  14. I broke the first rule many years ago, and I have regretted it from the first day! Now I'm going to furniture thrift stores looking to replace the guest room furniture. I will only buy furniture with drawers that are dovetailed, no staples!

  15. While I enjoy a great deal of your content, this video troubles me. A mark of a good designer is the ability to mesh design with the practical needs of the client. For example, short curtains. I own dogs. That shed. Profusely. Shorter curtains make life easier for me in terms of cleaning. As do man made rugs. This video overall came across a little elitist. Especially calling eating off plastic " disgusting ". Environmentally unfriendly yes. But positively neutral in terms of aesthetics.

  16. I got some of her points. Don’t buy cheap stuffs but did you know about DIY ?! You can buy something cheap and if you’re creative enough you can transform it into Luxus item. Go around looking at those Luxus furniture stores get some ideas and try to do it has an DIY. It works on YouTube are thousands of videos giving ideas how to DIY makeover cheap furniture. Go for it be creative is not always buy the money

  17. Funny that you mentioned plastic plates, I still use the plates that my kids used when they were little.
    They're in their mid 30's and 20's now lol.
    You know, the ones with cookie monster etc..

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