350 Sq. Ft. Apartment in Seattle

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I take you on a tour of my 350 sq. ft. apartment in Queen Anne, Seattle. We paid $750/month in 2015 – 2016. Website: https://theunconventionalvegan.com/ …


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  1. Your married? Haven’t been tryint to make a baby? It took me n my wife 2 years to conceive but that wouldn’t work for a 3rd person I bought s house apt was too small for 3 people lol in California.

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing how your apartment looks like. I’m in college here in CA and is currently planning on moving to AZ. It’s kinda hard to imagine how big or small the apartment is, so I really appreciate you for showing me an approximate size of a 350 sq ft studio apartment. Thanks again!

  3. We're paying $1,025 / month for a 360 sq. ft. studio in Ventura, California, and that's about the cheapest we could find in Ventura County. Split between the two of us, of course, the cost is feasible. We can't even find rooms in this county at $750 / month they start at about $850.

  4. I live in a similar sized space. You pay A LOT LESS than me. Oh the joys of living in Santa Monica. Nice to see you you utilized your space. I just posted a similar video on my channel.

  5. I pay $800 for a 262 sq ft with very little cabinet space and only the draw under the stove. That's about the cheapest Seattle will get you these days. But it's not too bad, it teaches you to control accumulation and be creative with very little.

  6. Thanks Erica. I live in NYC and certain boroughs have 350 sq for $1,000 and higher. If you want to live near Prospect Park for example, expect to pay a bit more than a grand. I wouldn't have problems with this type of space for a few yrs. Good luck Erica!

  7. Im hopefully snagging a place for $695 with 600sq ft for myself and two year old son it's also a studio apartment in a Tacoma . about 30 minutes outside Seattle. didn't think it would be enough but I believe I can make it work . your blessed with all the storage in the kitchen .. beautiful

  8. Hawaii is so bad with rent. You have to pay about $850-950 for a 250 sq ft studio. 1 bedroom apartments now cost up to $1200 with no utilities, parking spaces would go for $100 per month, pet fees maybe $50-75. Oh and a $20-50 application fee, and $10-15 credit report. Most of the time you won't really get accepted because you at least got to make 3x more than the rent, and good credit score, and competing with lots of other people because this place is the CHEAPEST for Hawaii apartment. Now this is just for 1 person.
    For 2 people to live in one space, they'll bump it up to 1500-1600…

    It's so sad… I pay 750 for rent & utilities (No cable & internet) for a 12 x 12 bedroom in a house shared by 10 people, 2 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen area where I can barely cook anything because the other people occupy it so much. At least we get our own refrigerator… But need to look for a bigger place now! It's me, my bf and our baby!

  9. My boyfriend and I will go see an 1bedroom apartment tomorrow. It will cost $1015 with all utilities are included. I wish we could find a place like yours… Your apartment look really nice although it is 350sqft….

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