40 The Best Small Living Room Design Ideas

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46 thoughts on “40 The Best Small Living Room Design Ideas

  1. Noticing in many of these plans, if people were sitting in the sofas and chairs there would be NO PLACE for their legs and feet especially if there happened to be others seated. ?????????

  2. I LOVE the brown chaise sofa in the yellow and brown room. Beautiful decor. I'm trying to do yellow, grey and white or cream. And maybe change the yellow accent pieces to turquoise in the fall. I love this room you created. That sofa would be perfect if it were gray

  3. I'm sorry also the chaise sofa with striped pillows, chrome legs and chrome leg round coffee table. I cannot find any of these kind of sofas I want that you are showing in the video. I want a grey, hopefully deep seated, but not too large for a small room, and one that is not too low to the ground that older people can't get up and down.

  4. You are the best! I love all of these. Do you have an open concept kitchen, LR, DR.? I am looking for ideas for my condo and I am remodeling my kitchen. I want to create the feel that you inspire in your video.

  5. Lessons learnt.

    Small living rooms suffer for lack of light and too much sound reflection. Therefore in general for walls, floors and furniture, use pastel colours, preferably 2 tone. Use textiles wherever possible to kill sound.
    Focal points, coffee table, bright-coloured cushions and picture.
    Watch lines maintaining angular or curved throughout.
    Watch symmetry, the rule of odd numbers

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