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These 5 essential decorating items are a great base for any home. This is the first video in my simple decor tips series! ❤ Subscribe to my channel for more DIYs: …


21 thoughts on “5 HOME DECOR ESSENTIALS YOU NEED | The DIY Mommy

  1. All white!! My fav, can add in color, change up decor, but the white base is timeless. I have it through my home and I'm always amazed when people say, "I can never do white with kids". I remind people all the time that there is tons of washable materials and I in fact prefer white over colors because I can bleach and clean them really well right in the washing machine! (That's a good tip (video) for you .. how to keep whites clean and crisp!) Happy Valentine's Day❤️

  2. I just bought white plates yesterday! Such a coincidence! I totally agree on having white curtains as well. In summer we have white curtains and during wintertime we have thicker curtains with a color pattern. The white curtains are not suitable for the winter cold! To be honest I've tried white linen napkins but they look so terrible after dinner sometimes that it grosses me out! So only white napkins on special occasions. I might try the bath towels, but I like some color in the bathroom! White sheets is a big no no. Our cat ruins them in no time. She just doesn't like white sheets. One time she even peed on the bed……… Cats are strange creatures!!!!! Thanks for the upload, great and useful video!!! Take care!

  3. Yay!! I love this new series. My decorating nemesis is always what to put above the bed. I don’t like heavy things up there in case there’s an earthquake. (Or it like a shelf just falling down in the middle of the night because that happened once and scarred me for life! Haha!) But I love restful things in the bedroom. It’s hard to find something I like for above the bed. It’s a black hole for me!

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