50 Secret Places to Leave Your Love Note

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Love notes are a delightful and romantic treat for anyone who has ever sent or received one. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary; send one every week to show your lover just how passionate you can be.

Choose your secret hiding spot based on how quickly you want your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend to find your love note. Some of them are best discovered at the most unusual times — in the middle of a long trip, during a romantic movie, or when she pops into the Ladies’ Room.

You can use your hiding place as an inspiration for the content of your love note. For example, write a goofy-sweet note that says “I’ve bloomed under the sunlight of your attention,” and secret it away for her to discover the next time she takes out her gardening tools. Or you could pen a steamy, sexy invitation to a night time bathtub rendezvous and leave it taped to her shower door.

If you have small children at home, pick a place that ensures only your intended will find it. Some of your love notes may not be found for days, but the pleasure they’ll bring will be something your sweetheart can savor over and over again.

  1. Hide it in the pocket of his robe.
  2. Tape it to the back of her cell phone.
  3. Leave it under his windshield wiper.
  4. Slip it beneath her plate at dinner, with just the corner showing.
  5. Tie it with ribbon to his fork at the restaurant.
  6. Tuck it into a flower arrangement.
  7. Sneak it into his bookbag.
  8. Pack it into his suitcase.
  9. Slide it into her purse or handbag.
  10. Tuck it into his glasses case.
  11. Hide it between books on the bookshelf.
  12. Put it on her pillow.
  13. Fold it around a new, fragrant bar of soap in the bathroom.
  14. Tape it to his toothbrush.
  15. Put it between dinner plates in the cabinet.
  16. Leave it in the medicine cabinet over his sink.
  17. Pin it to the tag of her new suit in the closet.
  18. Sneak it into his laptop case.
  19. Roll it around the neck of a bottle of champagne.
  20. Put it into his bedroom slipper.
  21. Secret it away in her lingerie drawer.
  22. Put it on his keyring.
  23. Leave it in a box of her favorite tea.
  24. Wedge it between the neck and strings of her guitar.
  25. Tape it to the inside of the washing machine lid.
  26. Hide it in the book he’s reading.
  27. Put it into a shell and leave it on the windowsill.
  28. Leave it between his sweaters.
  29. Roll it up and cork it into a small bottle.
  30. Tape it to the inside of the top of the peanut butter jar.
  31. Disguise it in the stack of bills she’s working through.
  32. Fold it around one of the tools on his workbench.
  33. Tape it to the door of the women’s restroom with her name on it.
  34. Leave it on her dashboard.
  35. Sneak it into his instrument case.
  36. Tie it to her cat’s collar.
  37. Interleave it with some of his music on the piano.
  38. Tape it to the inside of her bedside lampshade so it will show when she turns it on.
  39. Hide it among the (clean, dry) dishes in the dishwasher.
  40. Drop it, before passing it to her, into the popcorn bucket at the movies.
  41. Mail it, the old-fashioned way!
  42. Prop it in the refrigerator.
  43. Thumbtack it to his memo board at work.
  44. Tape it to the inside of the door of his workshop.
  45. Tuck it into the corner of a picture frame.
  46. Put it between slices of bread in the loaf.
  47. Tie it with ribbon to her doorknob.
  48. Prop it in the bristles of his hairbrush.
  49. Hang it over the edge of a lampshade.
  50. Leave it among her gardening tools.

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