51 Smart decor ideas for Small Apartment

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This is our 51small apartment decor and smart organizing ideas. (Please press CC if voice over is not clear) 20 interior design idea for small apartment …


50 thoughts on “51 Smart decor ideas for Small Apartment

  1. The voiceover for this video is bizarre. Many mispronunciations, and really robotic-sounding, like they're reading straight off a script they don't understand (with choppy sentences included).

  2. Here's a real tip for people trying to save kitchen space and a few bucks in the process. Don't bother having a full set of measuring cups. All you need is a 1cup and you can eye ball it from there. lol. That's how I cook.

  3. people don't seem to get the fact that if you spend $1000 for wheels once, it is cheaper than spending more every month for a bigger space. You take the things that made your small space efficient with you when you move. Extra money on rent is just gone. Nothing to show for it when you move.

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