(68,86m²) Five Suggestions Ideal Single-Storey House For A Small Plot | Small House Design Ideas

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is an ideal home for a small plot, which can be built for the price of a flat. Thanks to its simple structure, the project is fast and cheap to implement, and also very economical in later maintenance. Seemingly small and modest, in the middle surprises with its functionality and well-organized interior. ACX Mini 3 CE is full of comfort combined with economy.

Read Ideas:
1. https://pracownia-projekty.dom.pl/tp_elsa_ce.htm
2. https://pracownia-projekty.dom.pl/arp_figo_ce.htm
3. https://pracownia-projekty.dom.pl/tp_loro_ce.htm
4. https://pracownia-projekty.dom.pl/acx_mini_3_energo_ce.htm
5. https://pracownia-projekty.dom.pl/tp_galia_ce.htm

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