A New Place in My Old Apartment: Lindsay Albanese

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See more at: http://www.thedesignnetwork.com Style expert and vlogger Lindsay Albanese desperately wants to reinvent the dining room in her apartment.


12 thoughts on “A New Place in My Old Apartment: Lindsay Albanese

  1. My friend just installed this flooring, and it is WAY harder than it looks.
    He had me do a few rows, and it was really impossible for me to get that last little hairline gap pushed together. He came & would smoosh that last bit after I had laid each down (still possible, fiy), and before rolling with the heavy tool.

  2. This a commercial for flooring. The only real change was adding a piece of furniture for storage and changing the light fixture for another cheap light fixture. What a weird premise…they neede more storage, so the solution was a new floor.

  3. We inherited my husband's grandfathers house when he passed away, the carpet was the first to go, we put this in our bedroom and it looks amazing. It took my husband about 2 hours from beginning to end and we had some padding underneath the flooring too…not expensive either.

  4. The room looked great, but was this not an ad for the flooring company and/or Home Depot? Shouldn't that be indicated in the video or (at the very least) in the description box? I thought sponsorships and ads are supposed to be marked as such.

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