ADULTING SURVIVAL GUIDE | Stuff you NEED in your first apartment!

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What do you strongly dislike about growing up and #adulting?! I hate that we dont get summer break once you become an adult! This video was sponsored by …


43 thoughts on “ADULTING SURVIVAL GUIDE | Stuff you NEED in your first apartment!

  1. At the moment I'm having a really hard day. My father died in this past April and left me some money, and as required he left my mother, his ex wife, some money, and my stepmother is giving my sister some money as well, since he wasn't required to leave my sister anything and my stepmother didn't think that would be fair. Anyway, the point is that this money that was left to us is causing a lot of problems, and I personally would give it all back if it meant that my father was still around. So, the worst part of being an adult is this whole situation. . . . This will probably look silly or be typed wrong because I don't normally type anything like this, but . . . . #people shouldn't smoke cigarettes. Whatever. The point is that the smoking probably worsened my father's hereditary lung problem that runs in his family. As a result, about a year ago, my father needed to get a – double? – lung transplant, and in April, he died. So, if anyone who reads this does smoke, please, from someone who is laying here crying her eyes out, do what you can to stop. For your loved ones but most importantly for yourself.

  2. Bills and laundry. They never end! And why didn't they teach things in high school like what a mortgage is, what health insurance plan you need, or how not to completely screw up your credit score?? That would have been more useful than geometry.

  3. Pro Tip! Fathers Day is the best time of year to buy tools and tool accessories. Because that’s when the steepest discounts are. Because tools are some of the most popular gifts for dads/grandpas on Father’s Day,

  4. I’m in my 30’s now but I think my biggest adulting struggle when first starting out was how to eat healthy meals after work. It was a lot of frozen dinners in the beginning or lots of time cooking because I didn’t realize how long things would take. Took quite a few years to figure out my meal planning/prep style!

  5. “I’m really sorry for those out there who are pro fly” hahahahaha 😂😂😂 have you tried the Clinique moisture surge? It’s literally such an amazing moisturiser ☺️☺️ – I was worried this video would have been unaccessible for a young person moving like just after uni, but I was so pleasantly surprised to see how accessible they were 💕 love your videos 💗 x

  6. I appreciate your information, although I have been an adult for a long time now. Anything practical and new is always helpful. I hope you continue with this topic because adulting never gets easy-there is always something to learn. I believe bill paying is up there with annoying and sometimes stressful adult things, although now you can do it easily online. Your blender and fast cooker advice is so relevant today and practical.

  7. Bills are the worst part of adulting. I have been adulting for a very long time but that fly swatter OMG thank you so much that is going to make a part of adulting suck so much less for me. We have had so many flies, I have little kids that are constantly leaving the door open. I paused the video to buy it immediately.

  8. Worst part of adulting: bills! And realizing how much you spend on them…then sounding like your parents when you complain about your roommates leaving lights on or turning the heater on in the summer.

  9. This is THE perfect timing! I’m moving out into my first flat in 2 weeks. Little overwhelmed but I’ll be fine once I’m all packed up and I’ve ordered my appliances/furnishing xx

  10. The thing I hate about adulting is definetly doing laundry. I don’t have a dryer, so I have to plan ahead in order to give stuff enough time to air dry. And I was just trying to put together a table to IKEA that suddenly didn’t have pre-drilled holes, and getting those screws in without a drill was sooo time-consuming..

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