Apartment Design | Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas | 2017

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Click this link (https://karladreyerdesign.leadpages.co/go-to-shopping-guide-giveaway/) to get your free copy of my shopping guide. I hope you enjoy my interior …


13 thoughts on “Apartment Design | Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas | 2017

  1. Thank you for the tips. I am an oldie but love new ideas for the home but I live in sheltered housing and can only do certain things. I am from England and don't know what a command strip is . I have heard of washi tape and never heard of temporary wallpaper. Don't know if I could buy these things here but will certainly try and get the washi tape. Thanks for the info. Joan Storer.

  2. Hi Karla; thanks for the ideas but I have a question; My door opens to living room and in the living room we have carpet flooring ( I don't think my landlord would like to change it ever) but I literally don't like it cuz it is not healthy. Any alternative? I am not sure what happens if I buy another rug and put on top of it :/ Thanks

  3. I just starting watching you.I like Shabbychic and now I'm into the mirror look and white curtains and grays and just got a gray microfiber headboard love love it and going to get new light above bed.and doing paint last it's a new color for 2017 color it's viloet gray.

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