August Garden Tour 🌿// Garden Answer

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23 thoughts on “August Garden Tour 🌿// Garden Answer

  1. the kidney bean grass sections by your house remind me of japanese gardens. they create miniature scenes in the garden by having rocks and plants represent things like water and large trees. so the "green beans" would represent and island and the white rocks represent water, or an ocean. when benjamin gets older he could create a school project volcano on one of the islands and get bonus points for authenticity and effects. 🙂

  2. plant another type of clematis to go over the structure instead of the poison that is growing up the post surly just in case Benjamin get too close to it it is very poisonous i cant believe you still have it growing up the post 🙁

  3. Love the bonus footage!! I really love seeing the garden tours and updates on projects – they are wonderful. I look forward to seeing your autumn planting and decorating videos – bring on the pumpkins and gourds 🙂

  4. I'm curious how you keep the grass all and check on the Versaille garden? Are you guys out there edging every year so that your gravel isn't facilitating grass streaming off into it?

  5. Definitely do a video on concrete fountains and how you winterize, non harmful or commercial chemical to keep the water clear, clean out debris, and how many hours a day you run your pumps before the pumps go out. Is it worth it to invest in pumps that are higher quality than what you can get at the box store?

  6. Beautiful plants. Thanks so much for sharing but can the camera get closer to the plants in order to appreciate the colors and the details? I think is useful for beginners gardeners like me.

  7. Hi Laura and Aaron! You asked for ideas for a play space for Benjamin, and here are some thoughts…1. a swing might be one of the first things he might enjoy…even just a simple one for now. 2. sand box/area (eventually) for all kinds of play- bulldozers and dump trucks, silk flowers to "pick" and replant, even wooden blocks stack well in sand….just basic stuff for now…

  8. Your passion is so exciting to see and quite contagious. Is that a real 1/2 watermelon outside your door or a water dish for Russell? I just LOVE your tours. Thank you for filling my heart with happiness. Enjoy your cooler weather.

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