Bright, Bohemian & Eclectic Loft Apartments 🍍

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4 thoughts on “Bright, Bohemian & Eclectic Loft Apartments 🍍

  1. Eclectic interiors with vintage architectural elements working as the framework of the modernistic mansions brings me to the Haveli Style interiors of the Rajput Indian Royalty. Not a single room is defined by simplistic lines let alone is less special, it breathes and instills in you elements of history tradition and old world charm. All are empowered by a certain theme that runs it course through the traditions of Vastu the ancient text of interior design as scripted by ancient sacred scholars. According to Vastu the home is a living breathing object and has its energy that one can synchronize with yours and elevate the vibrations. Most of the interior designs were inspired by a culture that mixes the ethnicity of the Rajput Royalty with the Mughals and the Colonial British.

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