Cecily Strong Turns NYC Apartment Into Her Dream Space

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Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong’s NYC rental was so NOT her personality that it felt like she was in witness protection. So Cecily turned to her local west …


35 thoughts on “Cecily Strong Turns NYC Apartment Into Her Dream Space

  1. Greetings from Las Vegas! I like the new furniture and the makeover but it looks cluttered. There's just too much going on especially opening up the bed in the middle of the apartment. They filled the apartment with things that are expensiver but still too many. They should have just done an accent wall, not paint all the walls. Now it looks like a smaller apartment.

  2. They did a nice job…that big lighted "C" didn't go quite well, though. They should've went with an unlighted cursive C of a different color…that would've tied in well with the vintage pictures on the wall and the type of furniture/decor she has

  3. My own room looks disgusting, but my personal opinion is the "C" light in the after looks pretty tacky. Looks like something a high school girl would put in her bedroom. I liked everything else though. Also, the only reason I watched this is because all of Cecily Strong,(her face, body, facial expressiona, performance, intelligence, humor,) is sexy as hell.

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