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Having new Christmas tree decorating ideas can make your Christmas preparation much more fun. Aside from your usual gold glitter and little miniatures, there are actually numerous creative modifications you can make to give your tree a new look. If you are currently short of ideas, look no further as here are a few interesting additions you can consider for your next Christmas.

White garlands

White garlands carry a sense of surrealism and represents snowfall perfectly. Allow it to spiral gently around your Christmas tree and you may pleasantly find the overall result very visually pleasing. Although not a replacement for real snowflakes, it does add a touch of white to your tree and gives it a snowflake covered look. White garlands also mixes perfectly with golden or silver balls to give a blend of snow and ice dust.

Roses made from crepes paper

Now this is something that you definitely don’t see on every Christmas tree. Instead of hanging the usual toys and candy sticks, go for a more natural look by attaching handmade roses in different colors. A good mix of white, yellow and red roses often creates a nice cosy Christmas atmosphere for you to sit by the tree and read a book. Throw in some wired lights and your tree will turn into a beacon of nature.

Artificial Snowflakes

For fans of a white Christmas, snowflakes are a must. If your tree is indoors it will tough to cover it with real snow. This is where some imagination comes in. You can actually litter white colored crepes paper all over your tree to create the impression and visual feel of a tree covered with snowflakes. Crepes paper is easy to remove afterwards so there won’t be a problem with clearing it away.

Hope you like these little small ideas!

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