Cosmetic Dentistry May Be All You Need

One of the issues we’ve noticed being raised in the cosmetic world is whether or not cosmetic dentistry should be considered cosmetic surgery. The reality is this is a nonsensical question – who are cares if it is, or if it isn’t? Here’s the real question – did it satisfy the person getting the actual surgery? And here’s an even stronger question – did this person decide to do any other forms of cosmetic surgery after having their teeth fixed?

See, what we have known in the dental world, for many years now, is this – your teeth make a huge impact on your overall appearance. So huge in fact, that people end up coming back, months later, with stories about how close friends had to do double takes to make sure they were looking at at their actual friend.

Cosmetic dentistry, when performed correctly, can have an incredible, positive effect on someone’s overall appearance. And the reason for the title, is becasue there are many people who walk into a dentist’s office with their teeth being the first item on their cosmetic checklist they’re excited about crossing off. However, once the procedure is over, and they are happy with the results, many of our dental colleagues agreeing to the idea that many of these people do not continue on with their goal of having so much cosmetic work done on their bodies. Which then led us to come up with our own pseudo-science, based on nothing but anecdotal evidence, that people, if they’re happy with their teeth, may think twice about going for more cosmetic surgery.

This is not to say that people still didn’t go out, at some point, and have those procedures done, but many of the dentists, who had patients that shared their desire of having a complete makeover, found most, if not all, of their patients looked about “the same,” each time they came back for a cleaning. In essence, they never got the work done. Now, of course, this could be for a whole host of reasons, and we’ll never know what they were, but it’s safe to ask, if you’re thinking of going down the cosmetic path, why not start with your teeth?

If you like what you see, there’s a good chance you may not need to continue down the rabbit hole. And if you do, it will just enhance what you already have. Just a little something for you to consider is all.


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