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Decorate your home on a budget! When it comes to home decor and interior design I love a gorgeous clean home while sticking to your budget! Video Was …



  1. What rooms are you currently trying to recreate or decorate? Currently Im looking into redecorating my boys room and possibly changing up the living room! Let me know in the comments what video you want to see from me next!

  2. Your brows are absolute PERFECTION! πŸ™‚ We found our dining room table on craigs list, it was suuuuch a good find! I did have to paint it but we saved hundreds of dollars by buying it second hand! Awesome tips girly!

  3. I love garage sales! Flea markets are also great for vintage stuff, my fiance and I are going this afternoon to a huge flea market and I'm hoping I'll be able to find some good deals! I would love to see a video on your favorite cleaning products πŸ™‚ you might have already made one though, I haven't looked lol!

  4. I like to repurpose furniture and other items. For my baby girls nursery I found a rocking chair and a dresser on Craig's list for very inexpensive but they didn't match the style I wanted but my husband and I refinished them and now they look amazing! We spent $115 on both items and the dresser we use as her changing table as well. We were looking at other changing tables and they were $650 for just the changing table M it's crazy! I also love Home Goods! We also love to go up to Lancaster and there is this little Amish family that sells stuff on the side of the road and we got an old window that we converted into a picture frame and our dining room center piece. I also love diy things! I made a growth chart for my baby girl with a 1 by 6 piece of wood and some paint. I also designed the artwork in her room and got some really cute frames on sale at Michaels craft store. I love interior design stuff so I absolutely love decorating on a budget!

  5. Love these tips! My big saving tip is find your vision/goal on Pinterest, and then figure out what you can make on your own with paint, hit the thrift store/craigslist to make your own version, and check out marshalls/homegoods or Tuesday morning for look alike products!

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