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Heyy! In this vlog I decorate my house and a whole bunch more! I hope you guys enjoy! My last vlog! ➜ Subscribe To me for more vlogs!


41 thoughts on “DECORATING MY HOUSE! New Home Decor!

  1. nRay Ray your my inspiration you inspire me to work hard i want to be a youtuber like that i been knowing you before youtube im your number one fan and im struggling but if you gave that camera my dream would come true i love ray ray #

  2. I like how when you straighten your hair, you do that thing when you hold a chunk of your hair in your mouth. I literally do this every time I straighten my hair and I get weird stares lmfao.

  3. Girl, you are so beautiful! Don't let anyone tell you any different. Not to mention your makeup is always on point. Love watching your videos. Not to sound too cheese but by watching your videos, you seriously took me out of a dark place in my life… A lot of personal issues. It sucks I don't live where you do cuz I think you and I would be awesome friends. Please stay real and true to yourself and keep living your dream, take care!

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