Design Details of Daughter’s First Apartment | Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson

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33 thoughts on “Design Details of Daughter’s First Apartment | Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson

  1. is the camera man retarded? the camera work is worse than what most vloggers put out off of their little handheld cameras while walking and talking and hauling a kid in one arm and groceries in another. this was painful to watch.

  2. It would be helpful if the resource cost (time, labor and material) of the project were provided. Also the tear down resource cost to put it back the way it was found.  Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. She did a Fantastic Job, but she should've NEVER did this without doing the other two girl's room. Also, I'm sure after it was done they felt that it was Sharrah's apartment, not ALL of theirs. I can bet these little things caused confusion between the girls, they just internalized & became Passive-aggressive with eachother…

  4. Cute haircut, Rebecca!  Are the girls renting this apartment?  The papered & wooded walls are now damaged.  For the papered walls, there's a temporary wall paper that the burlap wall paper could be applied over.  When the apartment is vacated, it can all be stripped off & will leave no wall damage.  As for the paneled wall, can plywood be attached & some thin boards be affixed to it?  The remote controls for the TV could be placed in an attractive box on the coffee table.  Nice placemat idea!  Some people would not be comfortable at a dining table having sharp antlers pointing at them.  Something 'rounder' might be a better choice.  If the stand under the mirror was less deep, would there be room to put a low bookcase or sofa table behind the couch- this would lend 'support' behind people sitting on the couch, a place for storage & a surface for display.  Cool grass cloth/burlap ribbon, nail heads treatment!  How about hanging horizontal blinds over the 'fake window' in the bedroom?  Or even a tall, rectangular art piece would be nice instead of the mirror & drape- it would have the same balancing effect- maybe a carved wood (with some curves as there is very little that is 'feminine' in the apartment)- painted ivory with beige touches.  Is there room to place the beds on a solid wall instead of in front of windows?  If the over-sized headboards were not so wide (would look cool if they went to the ceiling)…  If a ceiling light is going to be put in a bedroom, I'd suggest something not so 'glaring/stark' as bare bulbs.  Ideally, bedrooms are for relaxing, sleeping, reading and love-making…  Lastly, the 'coral' lamp is very pretty on the desk.  Is there a study lamp?  Thank you, so much, for sharing all your great ideas, Rebecca.   

  5. Can you please do a video on how you made the rustic wall and the coffee table and the rustic draws please. Because I'm going for a rustic theme in my new bedroom I'm moving into because my bedroom is too small and I want my new one to be like my own house. Modern and rustic.

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