Designing a Daughter’s First Apartment | Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson

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48 thoughts on “Designing a Daughter’s First Apartment | Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson

  1. While I love you and your work, Rebbecca, but you said your daughter was going to do her place, all on her own?? I'm wondering if she had, if she would have had, how different it would be….and how much creative talent she may have….or not? Also, where was your daughter's bedroom? All in all, I still love what you do, and you are a really great mom!

  2. Comme cette fille a de la Chance d'avoir une mère comment dire : toujours disponible à ses vœux. La plupart des filles en rêvent d'avoir une mère comme R.Robinson.
    As this girl has the Chance to have a mother how to say : always available to her wishes. Most of girls dream to have a mother like R. Robinson.

  3. Your daughter and her three friends are all so sweet and obviously grateful for what you did for them. That makes me want to give ashout out to the Moms who raised such great kids.

  4. Did you hear what that girl say? "OMG we got a TV" Like they just came from North Korea…You can see their fake face expressions from a mile away. They started expressing their surprised faces way before they entered the apartment. Soooo fake. Mrs. Robertson, please teach you people to express their fake face expressions at the right moment…. you need a little work there.. the rest is fabulous.

  5. I think it is absolutely amazing that your daughter was brought up around your craft and has picked it up too…. knowing this, it made me cry when I seen her reaction!!! If I got that reaction like that from my daughter I would be able to die a happy death…Good job MOm! Those girls are so blessed! I love this video! You are the best! ✨👏🏻

  6. Absolutely LOVE the living & dining room! Amazing job! Not too crazy about the bedroom; I prefer more femme, but the rest of the place is truly astounding- takes a lot of creativity to come up with all of that & its all functional, comfortable & completely liveable.

  7. Hi not sure if you will see this but I am trying to figure out what size is appropriate for pendant lights over a bar top (59 inches wide) in a condo similar bar area to this apartment.

  8. Rebecca Robeson is one of my favorite designers, but she does mostly all huge, elegant, big money homes, and I've always wondered what she could do with just a small house like I live in. I was happy to see her do this apartment as it showed me that even small places can have the taste of elegance Rebecca gives to large homes. I love her ideas & tho' this apt. was done to her daughter's tastes, it was still given a taste of the refined!

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