Designing Our Apartment | White, Simple, Beach Style | Day In The Life

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43 thoughts on “Designing Our Apartment | White, Simple, Beach Style | Day In The Life

  1. I dedicate my top shelf to all greens, middle shelf left to the weeks protiens, middle right "extras", bottom shelf liquids, drawers, non greens veggies and fruits! then I dedicate each condiment level based on ethnicity! best system!! Lol

  2. mmm he he ohh my Sweet Heaven this sound's like us and soon Baby. XXXXXXX I love you are still my Sweet husband for life together in God's house of prayer FOREVER and I truly am expressing all my Sweet heart Shaun you're Heart Baby XXXXXXX we are soulmates that's how I found you through God my Baby beast he he I love you my loving Heart of God's love and I am blessed in God's love and I am waiting for our dreams of everlasting love with each other 👇to begin .💘👀👈👌✌ 💑 💏💋❤💙😊😇😍🙋😘🎆🙌🙏😂👈👌✌👀💘👇💋❤💙💑💏😊😇😉😍🙋😘🎆🙌🙏👈❤💙

  3. Hey, I am wondering where did you search for apartments/studios, e.g. websites or agencies? Cos i am from The Netherlands and may move soon and have no idea where even to starts (or trust the first page of Google). Thanks

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