Designing T shirt and getting the keys for my new apartment!

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I go to Robinsons to get my T-shirts designed and also I get the keys for the new apartment! great things are in store! Make sure to follow me: Instagram: …


25 thoughts on “Designing T shirt and getting the keys for my new apartment!

  1. Your intended garage for ur motorbike is very dangerous….it has easy access to stole ur bike with that little/small fence …Also, your window doesnt have enough security and so close to your Door Knob. Robbers could easily dismantle the Glass Pane of ur Window and reach in to ur Door Knob and opened the door. (Sorry am not trying to frightened you, just for ur own safety…. that's what happened to our house in Manila and we were robbed !!!)……TUHOD as in TOO-HOD (as in Horde without the R) and not TWO-HOOD.

  2. Maayong buntag!! Yes, knee is tuhod .."too hood"… Congrats on ur new apt.!!! Those t-shirts are awesome.. Mag Ingat ka when walking in the dark πŸ™‚… ✌

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