Designing the Apartment in ‘Friends’

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There’s no apartment in New York City more famous than Monica’s impossible rent-controlled, two-bedroom West Village digs. From the purple walls to the …


44 thoughts on “Designing the Apartment in ‘Friends’

  1. it's amazing how 3:16 minutes can be entertaining and informative at the same time.
    btw a real like friends apartement in West village would cost $5,100 a month (that's what google said)

  2. I understand that Rachel, Ross, Monica, and Chandler came from extremely wealthy families. And Joey was just Chandler’s roommate who I assumed pulled the weight on rent. But how did Phoebe afford to live in the neighborhood?

  3. I enjoyed the video, but seriously, Friends is a horrible and corny show. can't believe people can ever get remotely interested in it. otherwise, neat video and interesting perspective.

  4. When I went to watch Conan live. I walked by sound stages at Warner Bros. Past by the set of Friends.

    It's crazy they keep some sound stages around. It was fun visit the Friends set.

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