Dining Room Tour | Lauren Messiah’s LA Apartment

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And we’re on to the next room! In this video I am sharing my dining room – what I do in it, how I decorate it, and where I found my favorite things. Style Freebies: …


25 thoughts on “Dining Room Tour | Lauren Messiah’s LA Apartment

  1. Im watching all of your house tour videos now – love your style. Totally jealous – cant have any of those accessories with a 3 year old boy, everything must be bare boo hoo :,( -Pink really looks good on you btw.

  2. Love love love your style!! We have very similar taste. Looking forward to the next room. I have people asking me to give a home tour on my channel and I'm sooooo private I haven't done it. You've inspired me to maybe, possibly consider it, MAYBE, lol

  3. You have a gorgeous home so envious and love the fact that you tell how to get the good stuff and learn how to do it ! Also for game night some favorites are ticket to ride with expansion, powergrid,and pandemic for longer games get on the brink expansion for that as well its great , for shorter 7 wonders, guillotine which is so much fun and a chatting while you play sort of game def a good filler as is hey that’s My fish which is good for two three people … all of them are more social games so if you have friends that are the range from gamling experts to have never played a game in their life they are really good and someone who is good and a beginner has a def chance also pandemic is a cooperative game … My reasoning behind our home games are this… most people get the very specialised and yes they are pretty cool but learn the rules takes 8-10 hours this is not something you want to do if you want a bit of after dinner gaming where you can also enjoy company without doing the all out social bit πŸ˜‰ personally im both Very social but need space and can be a bit of an introvert so gaming for me is great!

  4. Laura! Do you watch Shera Seven on youtube? You are literally perfect. You mentioned an ex boyfriend so I wanted to refer you to her channel regarding dating.
    She has a video for successful "independent women " specifically entitled Play dumb to Get More from Men.

  5. I just subscribe yesterday so I’m new here and I’m so happy I have found you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™. I was watching your style types series and was wondering if your going to do this year also?? I really enjoy them and I’m sorry you already did and I couldn’t find them yet like I said I just subscribed!

  6. Your apartment is gorgeous Lauren. I’m glad you shared where you purchased The furniture from. I love the home goods store! That’s where I buy furniture from besides ikea. Again, you have great taste! Thanks for sharing your dining room tour.

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