DIY Dollar Tree Spring Home Decor Ideas 2018

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DIY Dollar Tree Spring Home Decor Ideas 2018 Hi everyone thank you for watching! I’m so excited for Spring more than I have ever been because our baby is …


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  2. I LOVE this with the wall stickers I think is my fave. I was wondering as I watching this if u could do with a wall mirror or framed mirrors glued together and U could put a piece of the foam board on back of them to make them sturdier. Like if u glued four together. All from Dollar Tree??? If u had a mirror or found inexpensive one u could just glue flowers on. But I think mirrors get expensive. I love these flower decor pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations I hope your new Home brings lots of happiness and and good luck. I want to make a request. I have plain white curtains, can you show ideas on how to make them more lively (if you can overlap with sequins etc)

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