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36 thoughts on “DIY Starburst Mirror | Home Decor #DIYwithJulia

  1. i've done it and it looks stunning. everytime someone walks into my house and sees it they compliment me … it's really that Wow effect that i wanted in my living room. thank u for sharing this idea with us👌🏼

  2. Lovely project! I've found in the past that sticking wood to metal can be tricky – especially branches as they are round rather than flat, so tend to bounce back up away from the base. Maybe sticking the branches onto a thick cardboard base might help. You could then add a lightweight mirror to the centre, directly onto the cardboard? Perhaps Gorilla glue or No More Nails might be stronger? Looking forward to giving it a go – thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. like this project? oh yeah we love it. but,
    1: u need text on video when u give a list of tools.
    2. still need more text to help your explanations
    3. the surface between the mirror and these sticks not because of the glue
    4. u have more 800k subscribed already, need to invest on video +audio gears
    5. Awesome channel, cool DIY "Home Decor", great ideas Julia – keep it up – LIKED – SUBBED

  4. there are all different types of glue sticks for all kinds of projects. Probably a heavy duty/industrial hot glue gun from Home Depot/Lowes would've been better but you do have to be very careful as they get really hot. Oh and when working with E6000, it's best not to breathe it in therefore you should do it outside.

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