Earn $150 Per Hour: The Most PROFITABLE Niche For YOU! (Do What You LOVE for a Living)

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I’m going to start this article off with a short confession. Some of the most PROFITABLE online marketing strategies I’ve used, have been the LEAST fun, and most “taxing” on love of my livelihood.

After all… sure, it can be fun to set up an affiliate oriented business, and search for profitable keywords and spend time trying to maximize your AdSense earnings or click through rate. But if you do any of those things enough… and you wake up everyday with THAT sort of thing as your primary focus, it’s not too long before you realize that your life is about making more money, and NOT magic… or meaning.

The truth is, there IS a better way. If you have a sense of PASSION and purpose and truly feel called to do something you love for a living, there are amazing ways to turn that into a powerful and perpetually profitable brand based business around the ONE thing that matters most: YOU!

Becoming a coach, be it a general life coach, or a more specific type of speciality coach, is the EASIEST, most rewarding and truly most liberating way to spend your day. Getting paid for it, and often getting paid BIG bucks, is often the icing on the cake for many of us who would literally do the work for free.

Did you know that according to published articles in the USA today and New York Times, the average full time business coach earns OVER $300 per hour?

OR, that the average “general” life coach earns about $160 per hour? I’ve seen different studies that have those figures a little bit less as well (which is where I think they belong) but even then, the figures are still well north of $100 per hour on average for ALL full time coaches.

The funny thing is, most coaches that I know care as much about contribution as they do about cash. We care as much about meaning as money… and progress, both for ourselves, and our clients, as profits.

If you are sick and tired of chasing bright and shiny strategies that never seem to work out as planned or promised, and want to truly wake up the WORLD with the work you feel called to do, there has never been a better time to become a coach of ANY kind, than right now… in 2014, which is predicted to be the BIGGEST year ever for lifestyle coaches of all kinds.

The best part?

You can literally launch a brand new coaching business on a shoetring budget, and work from a corner office in your home or apartment, and STILL get world class clients who are willing to pay you what you truly deserve!

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