Enjoy the Tranquil Ambiance At Pearl’s Hill City Park

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If you are looking for a tranquil atmosphere and a sightseeing landmark away from your everyday hustle and bustle while holidaying in Singapore, then a place that offers you a serene environment and more is the renowned Pearl’s Hill City Park. The park with its picturesque surroundings and its almost ideal location overlooking the calm reservoir is an ideal location for enthusiastic travellers looking to explore the many beauties of this island. The park is situated in close proximity to the Outram Park MRT Station and travellers can use the Pearl Bank, Pearl’s Hill Road, Pearl’s Hill Terrace or the Chin Swee Road entrance to enter the park.

Travellers to the Pearl’s Hill City Park will be offered splendid scenery and peaceful areas amongst the reservoir for a picnic with your family. The park also offers travellers a variety of recreational activities such as hill climbing, fishing, independent park tours, hikes and nature walks. The Tembusu trees provide a calm ambience; travellers make use of these trees to just sit back and enjoy the park’s setting. The beautiful lotus plants seen floating on the ponds are also a delightful attraction here.

The 9-hectare park is famous for its bird life as well as its insects, with a number of lagoons here that attract migrant birds and a variety of different species of insects; travellers will be able to see the likes of butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs and spiders. Sightseers can also see scores of turtles, tortoises and frogs swimming or basking in the sun along the ponds and the lagoons at the park. There are also a few monkeys living within the park premises, so make sure you do not feed these creatures when strolling around the paths.

When visiting the park, travellers can also enjoy the attractions situated in close proximity to the park; these sites include the Central Expressway (CTE) Tunnel, Chinatown, Pearl’s Shopping Centre and the Pearl Bank Apartments. Other interesting facilities available for travellers while visiting the Pearl’s Hill City Park include the delicious Singaporean dining options as restaurants are sprinkled around the area providing culinary delights of all kinds.

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