Filipino Home apartment rental Bulacan Philippines

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Myra does not only prepare homes to rent for foreigners. She also prepares apartment rentals for Filipino families. She has prepared apartment rentals for four …


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  1. Is Myra managing these houses? I have a rental house (in the U.S.) that is managed by a real estate office and my fee to them is 10% of the rent. How much is the percentage of management fees is charged in your neighborhood?

  2. Jack, I really appreciate the level of respect you and Miss Universe have for each other.  I especially appreciate what high regard you hold for her.  She is a keep busy type woman, that is for sure……lol.  Can not beat the 3500 php for that place.  How far do you and Myra live from this particular subdivision?

  3. Hey there Myra…..good to see you. Keep at it. Do what you have to do to reach your goal. Wash clothes, dig weeds (lol) all honest labor. No shame in that. Eat well and get your rest but you know that anyway………………………..

  4. I hope Myra makes money doing that Jack wow so long not being used maybe there are ghosts there Jack such a waste of a house dident the owners care ? so what is the price rented out then Jack 10 thousand  p??

  5. When you were talking about abandoned ghost house, I was getting creeped out while you gave tour.  Otherwise, I think it will turn out to be a very nice place after Myra gets done with It.  8)

  6. Nice video again Jack,little miss dynamite will have too start charging the owners a commission on the rentals she gets them,as she does all the hard work too get the properties habitable for the new tenants ,i think you have a great woman there Jack,hope she passes her bar exams i am sure she will,as she has a lot of life experience in other fields she will be successful in life if she wants too,but i think you both have a very similar nature,and just love living the simple life ,but get great satisfaction helping other's ,
    The world would be truly a better place if there were more people like you and Myra Jack truly it would.

  7. Jack, have you observed any recent sales of dilapidated homes like the one in your video? We are curious about the transaction details, what are the selling prices? Purchasing, repairing and perhaps selling fixer-uppers appears to be a great opportunity here on the surface. The real question is, are any owners motivated to part with their empty properties at fair prices? Could you purchase at prices that make the rents a fair return on your money? Just because Uncle Fred's butt warmed the seat in the CR ten years ago does NOT make the property worth more. One thing I have seen is any lack of selling pressure on the owners of vacant properties. I personally know of people who could not and did not pay any real estate tax for over twenty years and remain in their homes. If the home was ever sold, I guess that will be when the municipality will catch up with the owner and the government will "get theirs!" Very different than what we westerners are used to.

  8. Myra is certainly a wonderful lady Jack! Sadly sometimes in this world good people get used or taken advantage of BUT I'm sure the family moving into this house will be very thankful for Myra's excellent preparation efforts getting this house back to livable condition. One other thing Jack, when I lived in the Manila 15 years ago I wanted to have a look at what remained of the old Philippine Film Centre that Emelda had order constructed in the late 70's but no one would take me. Turns out there were some tragic deaths there whilst the place was under construction and most Filipino people believe it to be haunted. Anyway I wasn't going to argue with them and decided it best NOT to go! Anyway all the best and thanks for another great upload.

  9. Well, Miss Universe is always on the go huh Jack?!! Everytime I turn around and see a new upload of yours, its Myra cooking, its Myra and her clothing store, its Myra and her chicken business, this lady is like the Energizer bunny, she keeps on goin' and goin,lol! So now Myra cleaned this home that was 10 years forgotten and ready for rental by some Filipino couple? My earnest respects to your sweetie my dear buddy! Thumbs up for Myra and you, thanks for sharin'!! 🙂

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