Garage Turned Apartment | How to Turn a Garage into an Apartment

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24 thoughts on “Garage Turned Apartment | How to Turn a Garage into an Apartment

  1. Some awesome ideas, we have 5 car garage total with 2 car on our back property with a huge loft we only used to store junk for 9 yrs we never touched….so I am thinking it would be a great guest house or man's cave.

  2. Great video. Because of this video, I now know how to convert my 100 square foot garage into a 15,000 square foot mansion on the beach with 15 acres of land, and it was all free! Now, where do I hide the dead bodies?

  3. I found out that for me to convert my garage into living space it'd be more expensive to do for materials than to just buy a second home. Are their any ideas for making it more affordable?

  4. several commented with regard to the 🎶(including myself now) would the creator of this video please kindly leave us some information about the tracks featured in this vid. or anyone else here who might have proper information about who the music is by. lovely video, well edited in my opinion and quite nicely done. ciao

  5. Seems like a splendid idea! Truly inspirational. Too bad so many of the comments seem so focused on security shortfalls. Perhaps these folks might try searching under 'Bunker conversion ideas'. lol

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