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A very popular place to create in homes today’s is an area that bridges the gap between inside and outside. While the weather may not always make it comfortable to be outside, people still want a chance to feel as if they can enjoy some of the great outdoors, even from the inside.

For some time, there was a close step to this, the patio. While it was screened in, to keep the bugs out, the patio did not offer protection from extremely hot or cold weather. So, it could only be used when the temperature was just right.

Next came the popularity of sunrooms and Florida rooms in home designs. These are rooms that are completely enclosed, and temperature controlled, but that also have the added bonus of being made of mostly glass and allowing an unobstructed view of the natural environment outside the house.

When it comes to decorating a sunroom, most people keep it simple. They want to have the necessities and a bright open space to enjoy the view. Glass furniture is often a way to do this.

From coffee tables to glass end tables, furniture that is made of or accented with glass will make the room seem brighter and more open. Essentially, glass end tables and other glass pieces can make a small sunroom look more open. The reflective qualities of glass are responsible for the effect. The more light hits the glass, the more it reflects off the glass making the room look brighter and also casting off an illusion that there is more space available.

Additionally, glass end tables don’t care about the sun. While wood pieces of furniture that you may put in your sun room may crack, fade and change color over time, glass end tables will let the sun shine through and even let it shine around the room from the surface.

What sunroom view of the yard is complete without a nice cocktail to unwind from a busy day! Yet another reason it’s better to have glass end tables in this space than other table styles.

Glass end tables aren’t bothered by the condensation from your drink, as wooden tables would be. Think of putting a cold drink on a wooden table. A little while later you would always remember that drink because it will have caused a permanent circle in the wood where the condensation seeped in. The only way to get rid of that is to sand down the wood and refinish it. That’s a lot of work when the whole goal of this area is to relax.

On glass end tables, you can wipe it up later or let it evaporate, they don’t care. If you see circles from where your glass used to be, it can be wiped away with a little Windex.

It’s all the little touches that make your life easier that really matter in a sunroom. Glass end tables are functional pieces that will fit right in and enjoy being in the sun as much as you do.

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