GTA V Online : All Eclipse Tower Penthouse interior Styles ! NEW ! (Custom Apartment)

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All 8 New interior Styles Where To Choose ! (Eclipse Tower Penthouse Suite 3) This Apartment Cost 1.1 Million Full Penthouse Tour Video …


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  1. Can someone confirm this for me. If I buy an interior and then buy another, do i still get to keep the previous interior and can switch back and forth whenever i want without repurchasing it? Because each interior has different values. For the initial penthouse purchase you get to choose any interior and they don't increase or decrease in price, so if you buy the 1.1 million one and choose Sharp (325k) it'll still be 1.1 million, same price if you choose the cheapest interior option.

    If i could keep them, then I might as well select the sharp one which is 325k but will still be part of the initial 1.1million purchase since none of the choices will increase the penthouse price, then i'll get the seductive one which is 250k.

  2. If you guys still don't know how to find the option, just hold the Back button on Your Xbox, Select (I believe) on your PS and open up the Interactive Menu on the PC (M by default) and select "Apartment Style"! +Jay Bee

  3. Little update for everyone , when you buy the apartment , you can change your interior whenever you like between 200k-300k also the best part is you can preview the interior whie in your apartment and can move around to view it all 😀 now all I need to do is slave myself and grind for 6 mill for the yacht xD

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