Headboards Down Through the Ages

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The headboard is one of the first things noticed when you walk into a bedroom. They are designed to be the focal point of the room. There are many different styles of headboards sold on the market today, which range in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and prices. There are so many styles to choose from that there is something available to meet the needs of any home, ranging from the plain simple headboards to the ones made with fancy in-depth detailing. The art of making a headboard has went through many changes throughout history and continues to be improved upon as new technology is introduced.

Throughout the years as technology has been made available, there have been many changes made to the design of headboards. Making a headboard may seem like a simple process and in many cases it can be, but that is not always the case. It all depends on the design of the headboard. There are many styles that are so plain and simple that it takes little time or construction to make them. However, there are also many styles that have detailed designs that are so in-depth that you may wonder how they were ever made.

Headboards have a long and interesting history. There is evidence that they were used by the Pharaohs of Egypt in 3100BC. Of course, making a headboard for Pharaohs involved ebony, silver and gold to ensure they were designed from the highest quality possible, while the commoners used anything they could find. There is also evidence that the ancient Greeks and Britons had headboards made from wood.

By medieval times, more emphasis was placed on making a headboard stylish to help enhance the beauty of the bedroom for everyone. Nevertheless, the design found in the homes of this era was still an indicating of how much wealth a person had. The four-post bed was very popular during this time and the designs included making a headboard and the other parts separately. Amazingly, some of the headboards made during this time can still be found today.

Headboards were exported all over the world from Europe during the colonial times and today, there are companies located all across the globe that specialize in making bedroom suits. The methods used in making a headboard have changed dramatically since they were first invented. The technology of today is so much more advanced than ever before so the variety of choices available is enormous.

Making a headboard can be done from all types of materials such as wood, metal, cast iron and many are even covered with beautiful fabrics. Headboards are considered classic furniture because they have been around for so long and they will surely be in high demand in the future as well. They provide a practical use with artistic design and help create different types of environments for any bedroom. There is a style and color available to suit the needs and desires of most everyone. All you have to do is take a little time and choose the one that is right for you.

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