History of Tourism in Rome

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Recognized for its tourist sites and historical background, Rome continues to stand out as a popular world destination. It features details of the Western civilization, Christianity, and other tourist attractions. It hosts numerous archeological and art treasures of the world history at large.

This is in its museum, buildings, monuments, landmark sites, and archeological ruins. Tourism in this great city continues to experience millions of visitors annually. Most visitors to the city consider its meaning in the development of modern society and various cultures of the world.

Any mention of ancient Rome takes the world back to the Roman Empire in the 400s. From this historical background, visitors to the city today seek to learn about the aggressive barbarian tribes like the Huns and Goths. History students will also want to learn about the Roman civil war, Gothic war and the development of the New Rome. Tourism in Rome is a miss without a mention of popular artists like Belini, Bottecelli and Raphael renown for famous paintings and sculptures. For both new and old discoveries, Rome’s fame has evolved over the centuries.

As the center of modernization, it reminds the world of aristocratic arts, and philosophy, which sparked the evolution of a civilized world. This is recorded in the 17th, to 19th century’s history. It is also remembered for its revolutions and Renaissance periods. These were times when it was an outstanding center for European arts, education, philosophy, and trade in the 18th centuries. Besides the Roman architecture and monuments, it is a great spot for Renaissance artists like Michelangelo Buonarotti.

Today, the city of Rome guarantees an amazing travel experience for business, pleasure, and learning. As a fashion city since the early 1900s, it continues to offer glamour and style for the celebrity and film industry. Some of the notable areas that visitors love include the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, and the Amazing St. Peters’ Basilica. These have over 15 million visitors annually with a huge number of them being Christian pilgrims. With the development of the Pope as a religious figure for the Catholic faithful from the early centuries, the city continues to act as a religious symbol for Christians.

21st century Rome is an exceptional destination with top hotels for modern tourists. For the best sights and attractions, Rome offers reliable tourism through its travel board and guides. This has the necessary details of its transport facilities, restaurants with cuisine varieties, hotels for accommodation and popular sites to visit. As visitors learn about the Roman culture, arts and history, they get maps and information to guide their options. From the ancient to the recent attractions, Rome offers highlights with hot spots inside Rome, Italy and its environs. This makes it convenient for family, group, and individual vacations.

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