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Hello marzipans! I have been shopping online for decorative pieces for my flat, and today I show you everything I got. Find all the links down here. 🙂 ❤SHOPS …


48 thoughts on “HOME DECOR HAUL | Little House in Town, Indish, Anthropology

  1. hi marzia, im from mèxico and i don't know if all of this page can send me some of this products to méxico (sorry i don't have a really good english ) so do you know some page that can send the products all aroun the world?

  2. I really love how Marzia loves and appritiates every little thing in life, how she finds happiness in the smallest of things. Kind of makes me envy her cuz i feel like i've lost interest in just everything. Love you Marzia.

  3. I find it strange that she continued to eat dairy even though she has said before that she was lactose intolerant. if you aren't supposed to eat something then don't.

  4. If you feel your stomach is hurting often, maybe please go to the doctors and have it check it up. Cause I just had a surgery two weeks ago, they remove a 8 cm cyst and also one of my ovary. Im just saying cause sometimes,what we think is a small problem, really is something else. Cause for the past 3months i was having stomach pains, then my back would hurt as well as my left leg. I couldn't sleep well and go to the bathroom well. It normally goes away about 1-3 days. But then I was having this pain last october for about 5days, it was the worst feeling ever, I even got a fever, thats why my parents took me to the hospital where my uncle and aunts work. I already had a check up,the doctor said he didnt see anything.. but well well well… he was wrong..

    Take care Marzia and to everyone.❤️

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