Home Decor Swap With Kim From Vanchic Organization

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Here is the link to Vanchic Organizations Swap Video to see what I got her: http://youtu.be/Y-8tx8PwZPc Vanchic Organizations Channel: …


28 thoughts on “Home Decor Swap With Kim From Vanchic Organization

  1. Nikki, I just watched both swaps and I loved all of the choices each of you made for the other. What a fun swap. I have seen a lot of swaps with make up items but im not into makeup. I lovec how you wrote a thank you to her on the menu board. Very creative!

  2. Nikki I have been subscribed to your channel for a few months and I enjoy all your videos.  I enjoy your DIYs.  You inspire me in many ways, you are stylish and elegant in your home décor and also your personal style.  You are beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I enjoyed watching your swap video and I went right over and watched Kim's video and everything you gave her was fabulous.  Can you please list where you purchased the items, I would love to gift some of them, especially the soap sheets and the lamp finial.  I also love what Kim gave especially the candle accessory pin.  I just saw them in Pier 1.  I just love Pier 1 and it is beautiful in there right now for Christmas.   Please keep your videos coming and more often.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving for we ALL have so much to be THANKFUL for.

  4. What BEAUTIFUL, Elegant,  high quality, fancy, gifts, just as the receiver is as well, I know you sent her wonderful items as well, unlike some swap's I've seen on here, where one person goes all out, tries really hard to get items they think the other would love, spend the amount ( or more in a few cases) for the other, to get back pure JUNK! People will lie on here saying they have 2 job's and can afford to spend $300.00 on one swap, they'll lie about their age to get a swap, I seen a swap go way wrong on here, a beauty swap, lady A spent over the $150.00, she wrapped all her package's, only sent brand name items, new items, the color's the other wanted etc. Lady B sent all junk, 0.99 cent make-up. very much used make-up, wrong colors, items that lady A stated she didn't want like nail polish, lady A had to threaten lady B as Lady A was very upset, cried for days ( So she stated in a fellow-up video ) to get her stuff back, well lady B sent them back alright, she'd broke a lot of the stuff, took a sharp item and dug into the pallets, used a lot of it, kept what she really wanted like Urban Decay, and other expensive brand's, so lady A demanded her money back, come to find out lady B wasn't a lady after all, she was a teenager, who didn't have a job, much less  2  so then the mom had to get involved, come to find out the girl was pulling this off on several different women, if they had stuff ( Make-up, perfume's, jewelry, clothes Etc.) on their video's she wanted she'd do a swap and keep the nice stuff and send them junk..sad so be very careful and set low limits at first ay $30.00 and work your way up is my advice to anyone swapping on herewith strangers! not that anyone asked for my advice LOL

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