Home Decor Thrift Haul

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21 thoughts on “Home Decor Thrift Haul

  1. The homemade "shelves" look more like bunk beds for dolls. Probably cabbage patch dolls or other soft body dolls. Most probably for twins. I just thought you might be interested in another thought of origin.

  2. My kind of girl. I love the hunt also. I'm totally a cat lady too. You hit a happy cord with the pillow thing. I have a pillow fettish. I bring them home from thrift stores, garage sales, etc. I bring things like pillows and clothes into the garage and wash them before I bring them into the house. If I find a like new stuffed clean animal that I like. If it can be washed I do but if not I spray with Lysol and run it through the dryer for a while on the hottest cycle to kill any germs.

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