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I think it’s finally time I show you all the home decor pieces I’ve been collecting over these past few months, proving you can find amazing pieces on a budget! try …


32 thoughts on “HOME DECOR THRIFT HAUL

  1. GREAT stuff, tfs!! My 3 favs were the 1st basket in the video, the black metal lamp candle holder and the big round amber vase. Everything so simple but so chic too. New subby, please check out my channel too 😊🌻

  2. Since I know you are trying to be more ethical and environmentally friendly I just wanna let you know that almost all the candles from dollar tree are made from extremely toxic petrochemicals and have a lead wick. So not only are they bad for the environment to produce and burn but they are toxic for you and pets as well. Sometimes dollar tree does have soy blend candles (still not good as completely eco friendly wax but a lot better) and also Marshall’s/ tj maxx has a really good selection of soy or even coconut wax candles that are really affordable. For pillar candles I’ve only really seen eco/non toxic ones at my local natural food store or metaphysical shop. Soy or beeswax candles also burn MUCH longer than paraffin candles

  3. Oooh really like the idea of the basket bag with flowers or blankets in. I have a beautiful 1950s picnic basket and neber knew what to do with it. Totally gonna use that idea! Thank you! ♡

  4. This isn’t related to the video but I was wondering if you could do a video on misophonia. I’ve been living with it for 5 years now and just diagnosed. It would be really interesting to see what you would have to say about it.

  5. Hey Sarah! If you're looking for any kind of wall art/ photography decor I'm a photographer and I sell prints! I have couple that have that orangey taupe color that might go with your theme! My Etsy shop is Kalicos!

  6. I use those jar/ glass type of things for plant clippings pothos to be exact. But I’m a huge plant lover and I have them everywhere in my house. Borderline jungle-ish up in here. Just an idea if you are down for that idea.

  7. I tend to buy all my books and home decor from thrift shops. I often find it hard to find clothing in my local area, but yeah…I basically leave without something XD Thrifting has become a slight addiction in a way. Prices in USA thrift stores are so cheap (like it should be!). In australia it normally cost $4 minimum for a book or small dish. Sometimes I have found a bargain though!

  8. I only noticed when you mentioned about not knowing what the bottle was previously used for – one thing I love about thrifting is that every item has a journey and a story. Unlike "newborn" store items. Who knows who owned them or where they travelled from or how they were used! It reminds me of a class on material culture that my anthropology dept offered that I wish I had have taken now

  9. I find it interesting how similar our clothing style is and how different our home decor style is! I love the crooked vase and the lantern though! Question – I know you're a fan of white walls, do you not find them cold? I've always had them cream or gold but thinking of branching out

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