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Home and Decor Vlog. Where To Find Me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinekobzeff Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinkSoFoxy Crystal Shop: …


27 thoughts on “Home + Decor Vlog

  1. What a beautiful simple harmonious life you live. To be able to be married to your best friend and to live anywhere in the world yet you choose to live in a simplistic life I applaud you and Michael. Continue to live love and laugh forever! Love and hugs!!!

  2. Love the new light, its so cool. Also enjoyed your crystal collection. I couldn't help noticing the watermark on your bookshelf. I was able to remove a watermark on my bookshelf with a hot iron and a towel. Keep the iron moving and keep checking the watermark until it disappears. Hope that works for you too.

  3. Beautiful, calming, relaxing and very enjoyable video. Thank you. I soo need the desk bike, especially that I am sitting all day at work in front of the computer, then I come home and spend time on my phone laying in bed. The desk bike would be so cool! I've contacted the company to see if they sell in UK and how much it would be. I loved the crystals and when you go shopping it is so much fun to go with you!

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