Home Decorating Tips & Ideas on a Budget

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I wanted to take you on a quick home tour and share my favourite budget decorating tips, tricks and ideas! You CAN create a beautiful, expensive looking home …


49 thoughts on “Home Decorating Tips & Ideas on a Budget

  1. What brand is the fireplace in your living room? I find the electric flame very realistic looking compared to others I've seen. Love that you did this all yourself and so cheap.

  2. I honestly love the idea of finding things and fixing them whether it be something from the garbage or a thrift find thats awesome, there a little story behind it, which i love..I'm a newly single mom with 4 kiddies and i love that idea…

  3. just enjoy every thing u do.. so stay uplifted.. don't worry about what others say.. l think and l know others enjoy your video, s… Your 🏡 is Beautiful… and to be det free is a Blessing.. Keep Up the Great Work….

  4. We have ONE piece of furniture, a coffee table, in our home that we bought brand new. Everything else we found at the thrift store or was given 😆 I love your style. You inspire me!

  5. Oh my gosh I do needed to see this video! Cas when I finish my mini kitchen makeover I'm sending the photos your way. My husband thinks I'm crazy for doing things so cheap but I'm so proud of myself for making my home a more beautiful place for our family to be. And doing it all on a basically penny budget.

  6. This is SO INSPIRING!!! We’re moving into a new house and I have appreciated all of the tips I have gathered from so many of your videos. I also always stay until the end because we are so alike I love to hear how you work out issues and problems. Thank you for being so honest with us!!!

  7. I absolutely love your home decor. It looks so comfy and welcoming. I am totally inspired and so happy to hear that you don’t have to break the bank to obtain a good looking home… Thank you!

  8. Wow…just goes to show how people perceive things differently. I never saw anything you said as you struggling for money at all. Even when you are buying things on the cheap or updating your home by painting cupboards instead of getting new cupboards etc etc…you still spend a lot of money. And buy seeing your home and all the tings you have in it..I would say you spend a LOT of money all the time. It just makes me surprised you get the kind of comments you do… those must be coming from people who have way more than they could ever use.

  9. I love all your decorations all around the house. I cannot believe that it was so cheap. You make it look so elegant and beautiful. I try to decorate my house, but I am not even close to your talent that you have turning everything so nice. Good job and congrats that you are debt free is awesome that you don’t have any mortgage. I am a big spender and the worse thing that I don’t know what I do with the money.

  10. I love how you decorate and restore old pieces. However, some of us (yes, me) really have no idea how to do some of the painting of old furniture. I really want to create my own cat furniture piece to hide the litter box; but I am a spaz at that kind of stuff.

  11. WOW! I stumbled across u by watching someone else who mentioned they loved u and although I've only watched 2 of your vlogs I LOVE U! Beautiful house and I LOVE all your DIYs. So true how u explained your feelings at the end.

  12. I think you are wonderful person and I totally agree with you about be creative and giving yourself the feeling of pride for things you can do yourself!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 God bless you! ❤️

  13. It's so true what you said about the "feeling" behind decorating on a budget and not buying everything new! It's awesome. Also, I've had to learn that as much as I love and appreciate other styles, some of them just wouldn't look good in my home and even if I did overhaul everything and start over, would I feel as "at home" with all the shiny new stuff? It helps me keep perspective in our little 60's rancher we're slowwwwwwly updating haha!

  14. I don’t have your eye for decorating (sure wish I did), but can say that my husband and I are also frugal (aka tight with money) and it’s because he “squeaks when he walks” 😉 that we were able to custom build our home when we were under the age of 30 and have always been debt free (28 years of marriage, put 2 kids through college, 5 vehicles for 4 people, and several properties) 👍.

  15. I wish I had you talent of DIY ! I am thankful for good credit and 24 no interest or we would have no furniture in our house! We have a very 70s house and smae oak as you everwhere I decided to paint mine White and we also painted our awful countertops for $30 not holding up great but in the future we will upgrade! I am thinking of painting our tile in the bathroom I need to go dig out you old video on that. I remember you posting that years ago! Thanks for All your great tips

  16. Wow, you are so talented! You've done such a good job with your home and if I was more like you and your husband I wouldn't have so much debt right now! Thank you for your honesty and insight.

  17. I absolutely agree with you on redoing stuff on your own! Why have things in your home that look exactly like everyone else’s? My husband and I try to do as much on our own as we can. We upcycle furniture pieces….dressers we’ve redone, old door as a headboard, used crates for decor, yard sale items to decorate with, just completely from scratch built our own end tables and coffee table. So many of the items in our home are “used” or things we built ourselves. I feel so much pride in our items because it’s something we built or redid for way less money than had we bought new. We are also debt free except our trucks and currently saving to buy a new house. I have no desire to keep up with the Jones’s! I love the time and effort and little money we put into things to make them uniquely our own.

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