Homemade Beauty Solutions 5 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

In today’s modern living it is easy to see why the commercial teeth whitening systems are making big dollars, with beautiful white dazzling smiles splashed across tv, billboards magazines and the internet it’s a healthy look that many of us desire.

But with the effects of smoking, coffee, tea, wine, and so much more staining our teeth on an everyday basis, it’s not always easy to maintain the white of our teeth.

Although the chemical treatments work they are expensive and can leave your teeth feeling over sensitive, this is where the simple and easy homemade teeth whitening recipes can be a great option.

With ingredients such as baking soda and lemons you can be sure your making your own natural teeth whitening pastes that are not only cost effective but are known to work.

The following recipes are just a few of the many combinations that you can use to help keep your teeth white and remove some old stubborn stains.

1. Baking soda and toothpaste.

One of the simplest and non-fuss methods that I know and personally use at least twice a week

Step one: line your toothbrush as you would normally with toothpaste and wet lightly with water

Step two: Dip toothbrush into baking soda so that there is a good covering of powder and brush in circular motions

Step three: Rinse well with cool water

Note: you can mix these two ingredients together making a separate paste that is a lot gentler in application

1. Baking soda paste

This simple homemade tooth paste is a great way to naturally whiten your teeth at home.

Step one: Mix one part baking soda with one part water in a small bowl until it forms a paste like consistency

Step two: brush your teeth with the paste as you would normally before rinsing well with cool water

2. Baking Soda and lemon juice

A potent cleaning combination that can work wonders for removing stains from your teeth adding a healthy white shine after only a few applications.

Step one: Juice half a lemon into a small a bowl

Step two: Add 3or more tablespoons of baking soda and let it fizz

Step Three: While fizzing take either a baby toothbrush or a cotton tip and coat each tooth carefully and evenly leaving for a minute before rinsing with water

Step four: brush again normally, using regular fluoride toothpaste which will help avoid any damage to your teeth from the natural acids found in lemon juice

Note: lemon peel itself is said to be quite good at removing stains, simply scrub the peel over your teeth and rinse

hydrogen peroxide 12%

1.Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide paste

As anti-bacterial Hydrogen peroxide can be a great help in keeping your mouth clean and germ free, making it the perfect ingredient to use in your whitening paste

Step one: Mix one part baking soda with two parts hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl, the aim is to make a slightly running paste so adjust as needed

Step two: Brush teeth normally and thoroughly

Step three: rinse well with cool water

2. Lemon and salt mouthwash

This mouthwash can be a great aid in whitening teeth, as the citric acid of the lemon and the abrasive salt combine together washing the teeth and refreshing the mouth all in one.

Step one: Prepare salt solution by adding 1 tablespoon of table salt into a quarter cup of water

Step two: Add salt solution to 1 cup of lemon juice and rinse mouth thoroughly

Step three: rinse again with cool water to remove any residue salt

Note: If you have sensitive teeth be careful with this mouthwash as the citric acid from the lemons may cause some pain

Do not swallow mixture and be warned…It is not the best tasting mouthwash

All of the recipes above should only be used a couple of times a week, baking soda is an abrasive substances often used in home cleaning products and over use of it can cause enamel damage .
Lemon juice can affect the enamel of your teeth so again use any recipe with lemon juice only once or twice a week.


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