How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

1. Choose a light color for the walls. A modest pattern can even make the room look bigger than solid, painted walls.
2. Give the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint. Doing so will make the ceiling appear taller.
3. Paint all trim white. Adding a white crown molding can make the room look taller as well
4. Replace light bulbs with CFL versions. They provide bright, natural light to any room and are energy efficient.
5. Add recessed lighting and eliminate light fixtures that jut out into the room
6. Use light-colored flooring.Or use a rug that fills most of the space and is a light color.
7. Choose medium-sized tile squares.Tiny tiles will actually make the room look smaller.
8. Use a pedestal sink. Eliminating the cabinet will make your bathroom look bigger.Or paint dark cabinets white.
9. Recess any wall cabinets or eliminate them.
10. Add mirrors. They reflect light and make a room appear larger.

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