How to Save Water With Leak Detection Awareness

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In an age that water is depleting from the world in an alarming rate, we have no choice but become water conscious consumers. Walking around your New York apartment do you hear running water or dripping faucets? If so, then you probably have a leak in the kitchen or bathroom. As a water conscious consumer, the first step to take is repairing the leaky source, or at least calling in your local New York plumber to stop fast water escape.

Split pipes, running toilets, dripping faucets and shower heads are all common plumbing problems that leak out water. Plumbing leaks waste gallons of water, increase water bills and cause damages to belongings and foundations of buildings. Early leak detection will enable you to apply the right repair and stop water flow in time.

Leaks send us clear warning flags. All we have to do is pay attention to the signs and symptoms that plumbing leaks present us. For this reason your NY plumber will probably recommend conducting a leak detection examination of your home every three months. Learn below what to look out for when embarking on your leak detection assessments:

-High water bills

-Running toilets and dripping faucets and shower heads

-Musty odors

-Moisture under carpets

-Changing water meter readings

-Frequent sewer backups


-Damp or discolored walls

-Sound of running water

-Fractured or moist concrete, foundation, or slab

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks:

Sinks are common sources of leaks. Look under sink for excessive dampness or water puddles.


Toilet leaks are hard to detect because they are usually soundless. Undetected toilet leaks waste 90,000 gallons of water per month, and add about $500 to water bills. A simple test can help confirm if your toilet is leaking. Place drops of color dye in the tank. If after an hour color appears in the bowl, then your toilet’s tank is leaking.


Dripping faucets are responsible for wasting 180 gallons of water per month and 2,160 gallons per year. Common in many homes and offices, leaky faucets are easy to repair and usually require the replacement of worn out valves or damaged washers with new parts. Dripping faucet lend themselves to do it yourself repair, yet if you feel uncomfortable with the task ahead just summon your local NYC plumber to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Early leak detection will save you considerable money that will otherwise be spent on costly water related damages. Become a water conscious consumer and repair fast leaks and floods to help both the environment and your wallet.

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