How to Stop Sinus Infections From Happening! A Nurse’s Guide

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If you’ve been plagued with sinus infections or sinus symptoms for a long time or are just beginning to realize you’re getting them and getting them over and over, there are a few tips, tricks and secrets to know that may help you stop getting them and help prevent getting them in the future.

Many people get sinus infections or sinusitis or other sinus problems from time to time. Some are chronic sufferers whereas others have acute episodes. Acute chronic sinusitis is defined by sinus infections that last for a few days. Chronic sinusitis or chronic sinus infections can generally last a lot longer.

There are many ways to avoid getting sinus infections. It’s important to eliminate the cause because if you don’t you may continue to get them again. So anything you can do to eliminate getting them will be a good start.

You want to keep your nasal passages clear as much as possible. Blowing your nose will just send the mucous right back up your nose and into your sinus cavities. So you don’t want to over-blow your nose. Take it easy.

Drink lots of water. You may get tired of hearing this because it’s used for everything as it relates to the body and getting dehydrated. The body needs lots of water each day. The sinus cavities depend on getting in a lot of water to help thin the mucous that has to move through it every day. A whole quart of fluid moves through sinus and nasal passages every day so keep lots of water handy wherever you go and drink water when you get up in the morning.

There is a lot of advice about breathing steam in the shower but you’re also getting an unhealthy dose of chorine gas. This is not the best thing for your lungs so I wouldn’t intentionally breathe deeply in the shower.

Humidifiers are often recommended. Sounds like a good idea but sinus infections are usually caused by fungi – which is mold. So I don’t recommend humidifiers either.

You can sleep propped up on pillows to help your sinuses drain properly or use a wedge. Wedges are often used by people with acid reflux or GERD to prevent nighttime acid reflux.

Avoid smoggy days and poor air quality days. Check you weather report. Then keep the windows closed in your house and car. On other days make sure you air out your house or apartment thoroughly so you don’t have a build-up of mold.

Do not take any antihistamines unless you have a full blown allergy and have to. Antihistamines can dry up the mucous in your sinuses. It can’t move through because it’s blocked. There will be sinus drainage or mucous plugs going down into your throat. Mucous is still produced by your glands. It just doesn’t move through properly they way it usually does. You can feel big lumps or no lumps of mucous for hours.

Avoid medications and decongestants. They have a way of backfiring and causing other problems.

If you think about a few of these tips to help stop sinus infections from happening you may figure out what it causing them and how you can avoid them forever. There’s a lot you can do for a sinus infection and sinus symptoms too that is natural. You don’t have to suffer. Get informed and you can be well on your way to good health for a long time to come.

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