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Small ideas are about finding and using hidden spaces and choosing furniture that does more than one thing. It’s about being creative, a little rebellious and …


50 thoughts on “IKEA Small Spaces – Small ideas

  1. Just stop for a second…….. Picture the world as it is and has been for hundreds of years. We live in BOXES. LITTLE BOXES. We go to school, to work and we go from one little box into another. We work most of the day and our whole lives in order to pay for these boxes. For most people on this earth, it`s all we are working for: Our boxes. Some don`t even get a box or they don`t have the money to pay for it. Now IKEA comes along and tells us how wonderful it can be for 6 people to live in one little tiny box… Meanwhile, some people buy whole estates and they buy BIIIIIIIIIG BOXES with many boxes in them, even their cars have more space than these 6 people in IKEA`s presentation… I think we have to change our way of thinking and it should be for humanity`s benefit, our benefit. Something is going very wrong in our society. Don`t you think? Oh, BTW. I like this video….

  2. the first one " find a hiding place for that ladder… annoying. they should put that lamp some where else. the couch can fit under the bed and the stool use as a stool you only need 2. the kids have the other 2 . what's up with no end table? at least 1 with a draw. all the furniture moving was stupid. better yet a rope ladder . perfect more space for both the children and parents. also a plush pouf seat is good when being with children. she is going to develop knee problems.

  3. The worst bulbs to buy is from IKEA ….. I bought 3 bulbs, 2 of them were damaged after two years and it is supposed to live longer than that ….. And of course, I lost the bill due to the long time. They said they cannot change them for me because I don't have the bill knowing that Ikea name is printed on the box and on the lamp ….

  4. Why not. Because some people want to be totally alone in their own room – because they want to play their music loud when others may want to sleep. Because you want to get away from people when you've had a shxxxy day etc etc

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