Inexpensive Nice Looking Living Room Decorations for Small Apartments

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Get ready for campus Living Room decorating ideas. Real Simple. What’s Your Decorating Personality? I like interesting wall colors, …


27 thoughts on “Inexpensive Nice Looking Living Room Decorations for Small Apartments

  1. Sorry but this is not for me. Way too much furniture piled on top of that poor fireplace. All I see is your guests going up in flames! If all your furniture is touching each other it is time to edit. You have nice items and it would be impressive to see them stand out a little on their own rather than all pushed up on the walls and piled into one overwhelmingly small area. Also, small wall art on a big wall is a huge mistake. I would recommend you relocate those pieces to a smaller wall. 

  2. I love the orange of the walls and they complement the green of the plants perfectly.  I love the fireplace and the mirrors, among other things.  Nice job on the place!

  3. wow..people are really impressionable eh? one person makes a blatantly rude remark and everyone follows suit. Obviously this person is proud of their perfectly fine looking apartment, you couldn't just let them have it? how many undeserving compliments do you think you get? "Your so pretty" "Your so talented" that you don't deserve and just because someone was kind enough to make your day. Animals.

  4. Hmm Honestly This iS Disgusting.
    Really Ugly Furniture
    Things All Over The Place
    Nothing Matches
    Just Horrible.
    Def NOT GETTING ANY Ideas From This Tragedy Of A "Living Room"
    More Of A Dump iF You Ask Me..

  5. This is by far the worst looking apartment I saw. The pictures are not centered where they should be. Your couch to close to the fireplace. And your small night stand next to the couch should be centered in the middle of the wall. not butt up against your couch! I agree…Needs tweeking!!!

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