Inside Michael Kors’ Penthouse Apartment in Greenwich Village | Open Door

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In this episode of ‘Open Door’, iconic fashion designer Michael Kors takes Architectural Digest on a tour of the Greenwich Village apartment he owns with …


33 thoughts on “Inside Michael Kors’ Penthouse Apartment in Greenwich Village | Open Door

  1. awful home, completely soulless… statement rather than comfort and personality, love the terrace but whats the point of growing herbs if you never cook with them. dissapointing.. especially notable is the fact that in his own home hes walking around with sunglasses, Jesus how vain do you have to be to fail to acknowledge that you are middle aged and you cant hide that. Does his "husband" get reduced to a title, and not a name … why cant he say my husband John. I guess if he decides to switch husbands he can do that.

  2. Does he even live in it. I mean what's a home that has no real energy and life circulating in it. Nothing out of place nothing disheveled or worn out nothing looking used at all. Just super clean and untouched.

  3. It's a nice change to see a tasteful and personal appartment instead of a huge house showing off with expensive things that doesn't mean antything to the owner.

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