Interesting Idea to Give an Archaic Touch to Your New Age Apartment

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The super cool lifestyle has taken a sharp turn as the present generation is more into going vintage. Persian carpets, antique lamps and shades, dim lightings, beautiful garden and porches, wooden furniture and a streak of pastel and beige are very much in today. From Victorian to gothic stone buildings, the generation next is ready to recreate the magic of yester years with full devotion. But how do that? Here are a few ideas that can help one to decorate their modern accessorized home with an archaic taste:

Porches’ with creepers inlaid

Any classic English countryside home was built over a huge space. Their porches used to be broad with grass walking stretch and a creeper covering on the top. In modern day homes, one may not get such a huge space but in the minimalistic space, one can try to get a creeper bedding to emulate the olden days. One can also design a beautiful name board in vibrant colours to complete the look.

Footstools, benches and many more

Furniture plays an important part in decorating a home. While compact size, monochrome colour or glass is the most preferred style of today, vintage lovers simply enjoy the idea of decorating their home with wooden cabinets, footstools, ottoman and many more. How can one forget the footstool being the prime accessory while playing a pianoforte in the olden days? There are plenty of footstool and bench stool designers who use Mahogany or teakwood to create bespoke furniture. All one needs to do is to visit or call these designers and get their personalized stools or benches made in no time.

Glass windows

Rose windows used to be the face of medieval architecture. Especially stained glass and rose windows are epitome of beauty and elegance. Your windows are the perfect gateway to the outside world and hence designing them with a touch of Gothic architecture will leave no stones unturned. French windows in the hallway brings more light inside the house there by giving a countryside feeling.

Hat and coat stands

Hat and coat stands used to be mandatory in every English home erstwhile. But now they have been converted into wall mounted cabinets. To re-invent the 18th century one can bring back the old traditional hat and coat stands home from antique shops. Not only these antique candle holders, cigarette bins, fire place rocking chairs, wall lamps and shades etc along with dim lighting will bring back the olden days feeling back and live.

Apart from these tailor made wooden furniture and lighting, using china clay and excessive porcelain for tea sets and cutlery also is a symbol of medieval lifestyle. You can get all these quite easily from the local providers. While selecting furniture pieces like footstools, pouffe and hallway bench are equally careful and get the best pick from renowned and specialised manufacturers to get quality equipments for your unique home.

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