Interior Design, Bedroom Designs on 3d Sketch Up

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37 thoughts on “Interior Design, Bedroom Designs on 3d Sketch Up

  1. It’s very refreshing to actually see an interior design of a European space, instead of always focusing on American ones. And yes, that is a radiator (pretty standard heating unit), and the box above the window holds shades/shutters that roll down. I’m from Europe but living in California now and I do miss European architecture, especially the high ceilings! So this was interesting to watch, good design 🙂

  2. Little information for Rebecca – I know that most of us here in Europe would love to change stuff around like painting the radiator – if you live in a rented home – no chance, that you are allowed to do that. And as I saw it on another video – one answer to your question about radiators in general. In Europe it gets really cold and in fact it is not very smart to put a bed or any big furniture – any really in front of your radiator. Here in Germany we grow up knowing that this room needs to be free, so that the warmth and heat can actually get into the room. Furniture in front of it would keep up the heat from coming into the room fully and also you would lose lots of energy and have more costs than necessary (in Europe – heating costs are huge and a big deal). Hope that helps explain. Love from Germany.

  3. I love your designs and I have 2 sisters and one brother and we all have to share a room on a matress on the floor and we barley have anything to play with and our girl ages are 12 10 6 my brothers age is 3 he has cancer

  4. i love how you made the window look like it spanned the whole wall. I'm having that issue at my house. the windows are so off balanced and it just throws off the symmetry. i love symmetry and balance and it drives me insane.

  5. That purple wall makes an awesome statement. And it's so helpful that you show the differences if the walls were different colors. My favorite thing about the room is all the expensive looking details you use.

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